Ways to Get Harder Erections without Prescription Drugs

To most men, getting an erection comes easy while to the rest, it’s a hard drill that comes at a cost. A rigid erect penis is a turn on for any woman. Well, some men get erections but for one reason or the other, the member simply can’t stay up for long. Others can last a tad bit longer in bed but with weak erections. Well, all these are factors that affect self-confidence and the alter ego in men. And needless to mention, a man with a damaged self-esteem is more likely to perform poorer in bed.

But men with premature ejaculation and erection issues aren’t so unfortunate, since prescription drugs such as Cialis (tadalafil), Viagra (sildenafil), and Levitra (vardenafil), among others, have been with us for as long as one can remember. The problem with these drugs is that most of them tend to have adverse side effects to some users. As a matter of fact, most of them provide beneficial effects that are only temporary. Some people get so used to the blue prescription pills such that they can’t get it up without swallowing one a few hours before sex. But nonetheless, alternatives are available. Here are 4 helpful ways to get harder erections without prescription drugs.

  1. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercise

In addition to helping with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction issues, Kegel exercises can be helpful to help men achieve stronger erections and also help in controlling ejaculation. Kegel exercises mostly target the muscles involved in attaining an erection as well as controlling the flow of semen. The muscles involved are the pelvic floor muscles or the pubococcygeus muscles. The main idea is to contract and release the pelvic floor muscles to improve their strength. The best thing is that you can perform these exercises almost anywhere. Do this by contracting the muscles for three to four seconds and then release. Repeat this about 10 times. Consider doing a set of ten, three times.

  1. Penis Extenders

These are devices worn on the penis to increase its size. They include traction devices and also penis pumps. Over the past few years, the penis extender market has seen some significant improvements in terms of quality and variety. This has been brought about by the increasingly growing number of men who want to increase their penis sizes. Additionally, doctors also recommend them when it comes to improving the quality of an erection and sexual function. This is because they tend to improve the amount of blood flowing to the penis after some period of use, which leads to a fuller, harder erection.

  1. Testosterone Boost Using Male Enhancement Pills

According to the WebMD, Low Testosterone is a possible cause of erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is an important human hormone that plays an important role in muscle growth, maintaining muscle mass, bone density, and sperm production. It is also linked to maintaining sex drive in men. Testosterone boosters have been touted to improve the strength and quality of erections but in most cases, a prescription is needed to get them. This makes male enhancement pills an amazing alternative since no prescription is needed. Male enhancement supplements such as VigRX Plus, Extenze, and Vimax are just some of the most popular products that promise to increase libido, male stamina, size, and strength of erection. Some even promise to improve the sensation and quality of orgasms. Nonetheless, other ways to improve testosterone include dietary changes, avoiding stress, resting more, and exercising, among others according to Health Line.

  1. Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies

These are basically herbal supplements that have been found to possess aphrodisiac properties. Herbal remedies are considered safer since when administered right, they lack side effects and harmful chemical additives. Some of the most common ingredients in herbal enhancement supplements include the following [5]:

  • Maca
  • Ginkgo
  • Yohimbine
  • Panax ginseng

As a matter of fact, most of these herbal ingredients are found in popular male enhancement supplements on the market.